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Want to make money from your photography?

Being a professional photographer has been a dream come true for me. People travel from all over the country to be photographed by me and sometimes even fly me to exotic locations abroad. I feel extraordinarily privileged to be doing this.

It's embarrassing to admit but I had no natural talent for photography whatsoever. I started in 2002 at age 26 with no sense of composition, lighting, how to work with people or anything... merely the sense that it was something I wanted to be good at. Five years later it became my full time job and life has been amazing ever since.

I've learned a great deal along the way and wanted to pour all these learnings into a single precious resource - a book I wish I'd had the opportunity to get for myself years ago.

“How to Take Your Photography to a Professional Level and Make Money Photographing People” is a 64-page e-book packed with invaluable tips and illustrated with dozens of useful and inspiring photos. This is the third edition, recently expanded with new sections on shooting outdoors and additional studio lighting set-ups.

It’s a complete guide to developing your photography skills to a professional level, regardless of how much experience or skill you have now, and then start making money photographing people if you so desire.

I bought your book 2 weeks ago and I already read it twice… The quality of your material describing how to start a photography business is amazing… I would like to congratulate you for sharing so much information and for being so helpful.

Carlos, Boston

This e-book would have literally saved me years of trial and error learning to create photos like these:

Learn all this and more:

How to make money from your photography

Create an impressive portfolio of work

Improve your photography skills to a professional standard

The step by step techniques to doing great photoshoots with people

An easy system for posing people

How to make people rapidly feel comfortable in front of the camera

How to use light to make people look good in a photo, anytime, anywhere

What equipment to buy - and what to avoid

Discover exactly how to use studio lighting

Different lighting set-ups for different effects – fashion, beauty, glamour, etc.

How to figure out the lighting set-up used in other people’s photos

How and what to retouch

Learn how to work with models

Discover how to find models to work with you for free

How to find make-up artists and hair stylists to work with you for free

Insider tricks to promoting your photography online and building a fan base

How to set up a photography website and optimize it

The best ways to find and attract paying customers

Find out exactly how and where to advertise

It sinks in immediately and is a pleasure to read… It's reassuring and encouraging, putting us amateurs side by side with the pro… It really strikes me as a magician revealing the secrets of his trade… You opened up the career path I have always dreamt about and explored every possible angle… An essential guide!

Harvey, London

What’s this resource worth?

To learn everything in this e-book through courses would cost you thousands, and take several years. Even if you persuaded a professional photographer to let you assist for a year or two, you still wouldn’t get all this information. This is because even when you have all the theory, you’d find there’s plenty of practical information that they never tell you, especially about starting a photography business, and you’d have to figure all that out on your own through years of expensive trial and error.

I know because that’s exactly what I had to do. Whereas you have the option of this e-book, which makes it all ridiculously easy.

The section on buying equipment alone can save you hundreds because it will stop you wasting money on the wrong equipment. Even if you only read that one chapter and didn’t even look at all the other information in the book, it would still have been a worthwhile purchase.

How much is it? Just a one-off purchase of £24.95 (that's in British pounds, which is approximately $33 US dollars or €30 Euros... any of these currencies are fine.)

The first paid photo shoot you do after learning what I teach you will easily cover the cost of this e-book – several times over.

After being made redundant and looking for a new aim in life I read Titus' book. It was an amazing guide into the world of photography and not only gave me the necessary push to pursue my dream of becoming a photographer, but also taught me the much needed skills to succeed in this business. The publication covers all aspects needed to kick start your new career, from equipment to lighting and within weeks of reading it people were willing to pay for my work, after 2 months I had my first international publication and today, 4 months after reading Titus' book, I am running a successful photography business.

Tina Eisen (T-Two Photography), Milton Keynes


I am so certain that you’ll find this e-book useful that I am offering a 30 day guarantee. If for any reason you’re not happy with it, just send me a quick email and I’ll refund your money in full. And the e-book is yours to keep, regardless.

BONUS - Free consultation worth £60!

I am so excited to be offering this e-book that I am giving a special bonus: an email consultation with me personally. I’ll spend up to an hour of my time answering any and all questions by email that you have after reading the e-book. Just email me with your questions and I’ll personally answer them, free of charge. This bonus gift alone is worth more than twice the price of the e-book!

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