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Makeover Photoshoot - Packages and Prices

Important Information - Please Read First:

Makeovers are best if you don't want to look like yourself, but want the fun experience of transforming into a glamorous alter ego.

If it's important the photos feel like 'you', I highly recommend the Natural package below where you do your own make-up and hair, or one from the General section. Particularly for everyone over about 35.

I've been doing this 15 years and in my experience, almost all women who think they want a makeover actually just want great photos where they look as good as possible, yet still like themselves.

As anyone who's had it done before will know, photographic make-up, no matter how expertly done, feels much heavier than you're used to - even a very minimal look will feel "caked on". Doing your own hair and make-up is not only much cheaper, but you will look and feel much more like yourself, and get better photos as a result because you will feel more comfortable and natural.

Age and Make-Up:

Other studios won't tell you this because they'd rather just take your money, but the truth is:

- Women under 30 mostly enjoy professional make-up.

- Women aged 30-40 are mostly underwhelmed / disappointed by it, and much prefer photos where they've done their own make-up.

- Women aged 40+ (unless they're used to it) really don't like professional make-up and are quite unsettled by not looking like they're used to. (Natural looking photos with their usual make-up and hair, on the other hand, they love and appreciate.)

Natural Makeover Photoshoot Package

Standard Makeover Photoshoot Package

Deluxe Makeover Photoshoot Package

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