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Make Me Look Hot! Packages

Feel and look sexy... for a confidence boost; to 'capture your figure'; as a present for a boyfriend... or even to make an ex jealous! Check out the gallery at the bottom of this page to see how great you can look.

With all packages, you can share the shoot with a partner, or have them step in for a few photos, at no extra cost.

Are the Images Really All Included?

Yes! Almost every other studio and photographer charges you per photo in addition to the shoot, meaning that end up spending hundreds of pounds more than you thought. All of my prices include all the photos we take, so there's nothing extra to pay on the day.

What About a Make-Up Artist?

I do have a separate Makeover section (here), but if it's important that the photos feel like 'you', then it's actually much better to keep it natural and do your own make-up. (By all means, arrange to visit a hair salon beforehand if need be.)

I've been doing this for 15 years and people always assume they'll benefit from a make-up artist, but photographic make-up feels much heavier than you're used to, and even a very minimal look will feel really 'caked on'. Doing your own make-up is not only much cheaper, but you will look and feel much more like yourself, and more comfortable and natural as a result.

In my experience anyone over about 35 tends to be consistently underwhelmed by professional make-up, no matter how expertly it is done, simply because it's not how they're used to looking. Natural looking photos with their usual make-up, on the other hand, they love.

What Happens on the Day?

When you arrive, we'll have a quick chat about what photo styles and ideas would best suit you. You'll have your make-up and hair done (if the Deluxe package). Then we'll do some warm-up shots to get you comfortable in front of the camera, and proceed with the shoot.

The number of outfits is just an average, not a hard limit. With each outfit/idea there'll be a different lighting setup, and you'll get a chance to review the pics we've just taken to make sure you're happy before moving on to the next look.

I don't provide outfits, so you'll need to bring anything you want to wear but I'll make lots of suggestions when you book in case that's useful.

Most people I work with have never had a shoot before and arrive a bit nervous. That's normal! I'll give you tons of direction all the way through and make it very easy and fun.

100+ Images Seems a Lot...

Part of the magic of good photography is taking many variations of any one pose so that you have options when choosing ones to use.

Unless you’re a very experienced model, it takes time and lots of photos and direction from me to arrive at really good ones. The photos always get better and better as the shoot goes on, as you relax and look more and more confident. So the packages are designed with this in mind, and it takes that long and many shots in order to arrive at the really great ones you’d choose to use.

Most studios only let you have a few of the photos, but I find that people really like having the outtakes too, as there are often lots they like and want to use. So you won't miss out on any - you'll get all the images we take, all included in the price with nothing extra to pay on the day.

Sexy Basic Photoshoot Package

Sexy Standard Photoshoot Package

Sexy Deluxe Photoshoot Package

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