What if you could take your photography to the next level... and make money?

Iíd like to share a personal story with you. A few years ago I was a tired, disillusioned office worker who dreamed of turning his photography hobby into his profession. I longed to not only develop my photography, but to actually make money from it. And to make enough money from it that one day I could quit the day job and comfortably do what I love for a living.

Well, I didnít quit the day job. I was made redundant. All the stability and security of my nine-to-five job disappeared overnight. The company needed to cut expenses, and just like that, I was out.

Little did I know it was the best thing that ever happened to me. Rather than looking for another unfulfilling office job, I resolved to find a way to take my hobby to another level and start a successful photography business. I didnít really believe it was even possible. But after much trial and error, I made it work.

If you have ever dreamed of becoming a professional photographer or of just making extra money from it, then my experiences can help you. Iíd like to share with you exactly how I did it so you can too.

Maybe you like your job, though. What if you just want to make some extra money through your photography while staying at your current job? You can do that too! I wonít ask you to do anything risky.

Stop for a minute and imagine the freedom and satisfaction of being your own boss. Of choosing which days you work and taking vacations when you want. Of meeting wonderful, creative, attractive people every day. Imagine adding value to their lives with beautiful photography so that they love the photos youíve created for them and recommend you to their friends. Imagine how youíll feel when people ask you, ďWhat do you do?Ē and you can smile and tell them, ďIím a professional photographer.Ē

It sinks in immediately and is a pleasure to readÖ It's reassuring and encouraging, putting us amateurs side by side with the proÖ It really strikes me as a magician revealing the secrets of his tradeÖ You opened up the career path I have always dreamt about and explored every possible angleÖ An essential guide!

Harvey, London

How much of a difference would it make to your life if people paid you to do something you love? How much would that be worth to you?

All my of valuable learnings as a photographer are distilled into my e-book, ďHow to Take Your Photography to a Professional Level and Make Money Photographing PeopleĒ. Itís a 54-page e-book packed with invaluable tips and illustrated with dozens of useful and inspiring photos.

Itís a complete guide to developing your photography skills to a professional level, regardless of how much experience or skill you have now, and then starting a successful photography business photographing people.

I bought your book 2 weeks ago and I already read it twiceÖ The quality of your material describing how to start a photography business is amazingÖ I would like to congratulate you for sharing so much information and for being so helpful.

Carlos, Boston

I am a professional photographer, and passionate about what I do. My photos have been published in magazines and shown in exhibitions, and I was a runner up in the BBC Photographer of the Year competition. People travel from all over the country to be photographed by me, and fly me abroad, and I also teach photography. Yet I had no natural talent for photography whatsoever! My early work was shockingly bad. It took me many years to teach myself photography, and get to the point where I could make it my full time job.

This e-book would have literally saved me years of trial and error learning to create photos like these:


Learn all this and more:

How to turn your photography hobby into a full time profession
Create an impressive portfolio of work
Improve your photography skills to a professional standard
The step by step techniques to do great photo shoots with people
An easy system for posing people
The little known secrets to making people rapidly feel comfortable in front of the camera
How to use light to make people look good in a photo, anytime, anywhere
What equipment to buy - and what to avoid
Discover exactly how to use studio lighting
Different lighting set-ups for different effects Ė fashion, beauty, glamour and portrait
An ingenious way of figuring out the lighting set-up used in other peopleís photos
How and what to retouch
Learn how to work with models
Discover how to find models to work with you for free
How to find makeup artists and hair stylists to work with you for free
Insider tricks to promoting your photography online and building a fan base
How to set up a photography website and optimize it to offer a professional service
The best ways to find and attract paying customers
Find out exactly how and where to advertise

Imagine not only being able to create photos like these, but being paid to do so:


After being made redundant and looking for a new aim in life I read Titus' book. It was an amazing guide into the world of photography and not only gave me the necessary push to pursue my dream of becoming a photographer, but also taught me the much needed skills to succeed in this business. The publication covers all aspects needed to kick start your new career, from equipment to lighting and within weeks of reading it people were willing to pay for my work, after 2 months I had my first international publication and today, 4 months after reading Titus' book, I am running a successful photography business.

Tina Eisen (T-Two Photography), Milton Keynes

Whatís a resource like this worth?

To learn everything in this e-book through courses would cost you thousands, and take several years. Even if you persuaded a professional photographer to let you assist for a year or two, you still wouldnít get all this information. You could do hundreds of online tutorials and read dozens of books, and that still wouldnít get you much closer to your dream of being a full-time photographer. This is because even when you have all the theory, youíd find thereís plenty of practical information that they never tell you, especially about starting a photography business, and youíd have to figure all that out on your own through years of expensive trial and error.

I know because thatís exactly what I had to do. But you donít. You have the option of this e-book, which makes it all ridiculously easy.

The section on buying equipment alone can save you hundreds because it will stop you wasting money on the wrong equipment. Even if you only read that one chapter and didnít even look at all the other information in the book, it would still have been a valuable purchase.

But it gets better than that. At least half the information in this e-book Iíve never seen taught anywhere. You canít buy it in other books; you canít learn it in seminars. Itís unique.

Yet Iím giving it to you for just £24.95 (that's in British pounds, which is approximately $38 US dollars or €28 EurosÖ any of these currencies are fine.)

Why am I offering it for so little if itís worth so much more? Simply because the delivery costs are so low. Even so, I am thinking of putting the price up this spring to £40, just because Iím giving away so much valuable information in this e-book. But if you order now, itís yours for just £24.95.

The first paid photo shoot you do after learning what I teach you will easily cover the cost of this e-book Ė several times over. All the subsequent ones are pure profit. (Plus, because this material is for helping you start your business, itís tax deductible.)


I am so certain that youíll find this e-book useful that I am offering a 30 day guarantee. If for any reason youíre not happy with it, just send me a quick email and Iíll refund your money in full. Easy as that. And the e-book is yours to keep, regardless.

BONUS - Free Consultation worth £60!

For a limited time, I am offering a very special bonus: an email consultation with me personally. Iíll spend up to an hour of my time answering any and all questions by email that you have after reading the e-book. Just email me with your questions and Iíll personally answer them, free of charge. This bonus gift alone is worth more than twice the price of the e-book!

I donít know how long Iíll offer the e-book at this low price. So if you want it for just £24.95, order now.

Your e-book will be immediately available to you via direct download as soon as you have completed the purchase. The e-book is in PDF format, so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (which is free) to view it.

Important: after purchasing, make sure you click the 'Return to Merchant' button that will then allow you to download the e-book immediately.

Wishing you great success.


Titus Powell

P.S. Remember, the valuable secrets in this e-book will save you years of trial and error, and the majority of it is not available anywhere else. NO other resource will give you the insights and guidance for developing your portfolio and making money photographing people. So take the next step...

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