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Model Photoshoot

Whether or not you're considering approaching model agencies, these shoots are designed to give you a great professional modelling portfolio covering the essentials (head shot and full length shot) plus other photos to show variety. No experience necessary.

Are the Images Really All Included?

Yes! Almost every other studio and photographer charges you per photo in addition to the shoot, meaning that end up spending hundreds of pounds more than you thought. All of my prices include all the photos we take, so there's nothing extra to pay on the day.

What About a Make-Up Artist?

Over many years of doing this I've found that people consistently prefer photos when they feel more like themselves, so I no longer offer makeover shoots.

Everyone associates makeovers with photoshoots and assumes they'll benefit from pro make-up... but photographic make-up feels much heavier than most people are used to - even if you ask for a 'natural' look, it will feel ‘caked on’ and often makes you look older. Doing your own make-up is not only much cheaper, but you will look and feel much more like yourself, and more comfortable and natural in the photos as a result. Agencies also much prefer minimal make-up.

I recommend the Standard or Deluxe package because they include some professional retouching, and retouching is what fixes skin blemishes and the things that people typically hope make-up will improve, but in a much more subtle and natural looking way.

Free Agency Advice

There are a handful of reputable, accredited model agencies out there and a whole lot of dodgy ones that make all their money from the girls themselves instead of getting you work. If you're considering sending your photos to agencies, I'm very happy to offer free impartial advice throughout the shoot, and will tell you how to avoid the bad agencies and 'modelling platforms' and also how best to approach the legitimate ones.

I have compiled a list of the more reputable agencies which is a useful starting point for approaching them - let me know during the shoot if that would be useful to have and I'll email it to you.

Modelling Basic Photoshoot Package

Modelling Standard Photoshoot Package

Modelling Deluxe Photoshoot Package

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